Certificate Generator Online Help


What do I use this application for?

This application lets us generate keys and certificates that let your system access additional software packaged by Oracle. For some software applications, Oracle must verify that you have accepted one or more license agreements, which this application will present to you as part of generating your key and certificate.

As a general rule, software served by pkg.oracle.com for Solaris is not redistributable by you to a third party.

What is the comment field used for?

The comment field is for you to annotate your certificate in any way you see fit. Since you may wish to generate more than one key-certificate pair, we allow you to place a free-form comment on the certificate. We'll identify the certificate with that comment, so that you could distinguish the certificates you generate for different systems, or for different products. The comment field is optional, and you can safely leave it blank.

When I login, why don't I see the product I expect to access in the list of available products?

Usually this is because the entitlement process is not yet complete. Read the associated SunSolve Article, How to access Software Updates from Support Repositories describing the process. Then contact the appropriate group for assistance.

I just signed up for an Oracle Online account, but I still can't log in to the registration application!

Unfortunately it sometimes takes time for the underlying identity system to distribute your credentials. We are investigating solutions to this problem, and apologize for any inconvenience. Our experience is that your login should become available within 24 hours of initial signup.

I get an error from the Oracle Access Manager when trying to log in!

If you get the following error message from the Oracle Access Manager please check if you have Cookies enabled in your browser. You won't be able to log in with Cookies disabled.

System error. Please re-try your action. If you continue to get this
error, please contact the Administrator.